Meet Alyssa and Karina.  

At first glance, we are "THOSE MOMS." 

But look closer.  Look us in the eyes. 

Yes, we love beautiful things and curated photos, we can't get enough.  But we also struggle. We struggle hard. We are aware that we are drowning in a culture obsessed with image, what we portray and how we portray it, just like any normal person/mother. We are just like you, we struggle with that mom guilt - which comes in so many different forms. We struggle with sometimes being on our phones way. too. much. And not wanting to be. It's a problem. We all know it.

We love taking good photos and sharing them, but sometimes the whole social media thing can be a real nuisance. 

And although we crave beauty, we also crave authenticity. We often find ourselves lost in motherhood because we fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to other mothers who outwardly seem to have flawless lives.  And it's tough. 

Our goals are simple:  To be HONEST.  To practice SIMPLICITY.  And to live in FREEDOM. 

 So we invite you to join us on this vulnerable journey.  To showcase the good - but also say, hey, let me tell you the truth about my life. It's not easy. And we are not perfect, we fail constantly and try to make it to 7pm without losing our minds on the daily. 


Alyssa and Karina have been friends since college, and have both gone through different stages/seasons of suffering, hardship, and loss.  We are now rising up and asking you to join us - HONEST MOTHERS - a collective that is mindful and meaningful.   Who care more about being than just doing. 

Alyssa is a Realtor and she lives in Washington State with her husband & two little ones, and is usually outside adventuring with her boys, sipping coffee, or selling beautiful homes in the beautiful Pacific Northwest  http://ahernhomes.com/. 

Karina lives in Southern California with her husband & two little ones, and can be found at the beach, in coffee shops with friends, taking photos, or driving with the windows down and the music up. @karina.photos

We are both followers of Jesus and seek to make the Gospel central in our lives. 

We're always looking for writers/guest bloggers for Honest Mothers.  Contact us:  hello@honestmothers.com   


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