I cannot sweep another floor today. I cannot unload and load more dishes, make more meals and do more laundry, laundry that rarely even gets folded.  The daily grind of keeping your little ones going is exhausting, unlike a normal job, there is no start time, there is no stop time, there are no scheduled meetings. 

There is no one monitoring your progress, there is no boss saying, "I really like what you did here"... so with no structure, no affirmation, no accountability and no deadlines, the chores of motherhood are a never-ending TO DO  LIST that you check off and then re-appears in minutes, what gets done gets immediately undone before you blink your eyes. 

I call this mode TIA... THIS IS MOTHERHOOD. When I get in this mode I know I am burnt out, I know I need to take a break and find a way to care for myself.