More is caught than taught... Maybe you've never heard that before, maybe you think it's a cliche.  But I want to ask myself during the day, what are my kids catching from me? Is it my busy-ness, my impatience, the frustration or angst my soul carries at times?

Inevitably they will catch the whole gamut of my humanity and yet this stirs in me how important it is to care for my soul and practice that self-care. While my children will catch the good, the bad and the ugly, one thing I don't want them to catch is the feeling that they have to constantly care for my needs and emotions.  I want my kids to feel the freedom TO BE KIDS, and not feel pressured to act like little adults.  Our hope is that one day they may say, I caught on to my mom's impatience, but I also caught on to her caring for us by also caring for herself and doing soul-work, and now I'm learning to be kind to myself and care for my own soul.