Let's be honest, we work hard.  We all have those days where we feel burnt out & motherhood feels draining. The more that we do, the more we give, we extend ourselves for our kids, our husband, other family members or friends, and often don't have time, space, or energy to think about ourselves. 

I often still struggle with neglecting to take care of myself, and have talked to other moms about this often. We know that self-care is important, sure, but what does that even look like? Even getting a shower and a few minutes to myself in the bathroom sometimes feels impossible. 

I remember when I first had my newborn baby (my firstborn), I thought it was silly to treat myself, and I didn't think it was necessary. Sure, I was exhausted and probably wanted a hands-free break, but I remember feeling guilty for taking off and leaving my baby for just a few hours. 

The longer I've been a mother, the less guilt I have about carving out a time to TREAT MYSELF.  This may look different for every person. It doesn't mean you have to go have an entire spa day every week, but it may mean you hire a babysitter, ask your husband, or ask a friend to watch your kids for two hours while you do WHATEVER YOU WANT.  BY YOURSELF. Doesn't that sound freeing? And we, Honest Mothers, hereby tell you this: DO NOT FEEL GUILTY.  

Maybe you need to treat yourself to some alone time, or maybe time meeting up with some girlfriends... Whatever it may be, remember it is HEALTHY to take a break once in a while. Because here is the paradox: Your kids will see a happier you and you'll be a better mother when you feel refreshed.