Some days as Moms we are thriving, and some days we are surviving. Between the laundry piled high, the meals, the messes, the naps, the diapers, who has time to poop let alone think about their inner life?

If we can barely take a shower, how do we take care of our souls?!

Yet the truth is that the health of our soul impacts every aspect of our lives. The soul is our inner world, our thoughts, feelings, our hearts and minds, the relationship we have with God, with ourselves and with others. It is the substance of who we are, and it impacts our kids more than we know. Our souls are alive, and with proper care and nurturing they can thrive and bring an inner peace and deep joy to our daily lives.

This idea of caring for the soul sounds wonderful, like a warm bubble bath... but who has time for this? And how do you practically care for your soul?  I have found so much of my life is simply habits. Here is one simple habit I try to do on a regular basis:

At some point during the day, (for me it is usually in the morning) I try to ask myself intentionally, "Where are you at soul?" As in.. what is most true for me today? What emotions am I am feeling, and how did my last week of activities and interactions impact the state of my soul in this moment? When I stop and examine what I am doing in the moment it actually changes the course of my day.  Some days I am so tired and my soul needs rest. I ask myself, "Why am I doing a million tasks when I could spend 30 minutes doing a restful activity and then from a place of being centered, I can focus on what I need to do and not what I SHOULD do"!" Other days, I may feel lonely during the day as a Mom and my soul needs to connect with a good friend and I try to make space for connection.

Our physical bodies crave nourishing food and similarly our souls have cravings. When I pay attention to what my soul needs and try to meet those needs I feel more nourished and whole. Taking a few minutes daily to check in with my soul has become a constant discipline and a habit. It has changed my compulsive "should and oughts" to a more focused perspective of what I would like for my life and where I feel God leading me.  My temptation is to try and be more than I am by running around pleasing others and filling up my task list. While this is not all bad, if it is not coming from a place of knowing I am enough and that I am truly loved by God. Instead, I will get sucked into a day of scattered tasks, accomplishments, and constantly be on the search for the approval of others. 

What is a small practice you can start to incorporate into your life that will help you daily care for your soul?